git workflow

Mike Lodder <mike@...>


I'd like to better understand why method works better than using feature branches and merging those branches onto master.

My open source projects have used 'master' for latest development and 'stable' with tags for releases. All other branches are temporary. I use 'rc' which branches off 'master' when a release is imminent and just apply bug fixes and doc updates. When 'rc' has been signed off as acceptable, I merge to both 'master' and 'stable' and tag 'stable' with new version. 

Rebase is a pain to deal with so I'm having a hard time comprehending why you would do things that way.

Also, we need to talk about the build artifacts and process. I would like to start by building RPM and DEB packages using cargo. Cargo allows building those artifacts directly 'cargo install deb', 'cargo deb build' (not sure on exact syntax but its close). It's worked well for indy. 

We can add more artifacts later like iOS and Android builds (especially iOS since that requires a Mac).

If we can fix how hyperledger does the CI/CD pipeline then I'm open to using their solution.
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