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Hi Martha and Sofia
as Matha knows, I'm doing research on DLT and international trade, so we might very well have some common interest, Sofia.
Please feel free to contact me on this e-mail.

wishing you an awesome weekend, ladies!
Dr. Hanna C. Norberg
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Dear Public sector WG
I would like to make you aware of the following request. Sofia is a researcher and looking for collaboration on e-gov usecases. I cc her.
Have a great day

Marta Piekarska
Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger


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Dear researchers,


My name is Sofia Terzi and I am a PhD student at the computer science department of Aristotle University located in Thessaloniki Greece. My research focuses on the e-government sector. I have an interest in Hyperledger Sawtooth and Fabric for e-gov and public sector solutions with DLT support. If you are an academic and have any research interests or innovative ideas and want to collaborate please feel free to contact me. 

Best regards,

Sofia Terzi