Open Climate Collabathon | All Universities Invited!

Martin Wainstein

Hi Peer Universities in the HL Network!

From the Yale Open Innovation Lab, we launched last year a global collaborative hackathon around climate change and the use of blockchain technology, called the Open Climate Collabathon. We invite Universities around the world to participate as Nodes in the global network. 

This year, we are launching a whole new set of sprints and events, starting with Open Climate Dialogues this Wednesday to celebrate Earth Day.
Id like to pass along the invitation to you and all your students and networks to join us in the honest Zoom dialogues as weak as the decentralized hackathon that will launch this weekend. Sign up directly in the site, and you can even sync our google calendar with all events and sign up links.

We have an upgraded Node and Ambassador program that we just launched to all Universities. If you are interested in partnering with us in this global event, please you can review this Node deck  and fill out this form.

Attaching more information below for your context. 

Finally, if Climate-Hyperledger Blockchain area of discussion is interesting to you, join our HL Climate Action & Accounting Special Interest Group

Thanks and happy Earth Week!

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