Hyperledger Undergraduate and Postgraduate student

Robin Andre Nordnes <16075163@...>

Dear representative(s) of Hyperledger,

My name is Robin A. Nordnes, I’m an undergraduate in my third, and final, year studying a BSc in Computer Science at Oxford Brookes University. I am currently in the process of defining my bachelor's dissertation, where it will be based on Hyperledger technologies.  I should also mention that I am looking to pursue an academic career after my degree.

An undergraduate dissertation has its limits due to time constraints (deadline mid-march 2019). However, the bachelor thesis will establish the foundations for the post-graduate proposal that I will write and submit by the end of the year. 

Potential BSc Dissertation Topic: 
A light approach to following or similar, providing a base for understanding and exploration: 
  • Simulating consensus networks at scale with tools like Shadow ( and developing a common ontology for describing the characteristics of each consensus algorithm.

MSc + PhD Potential Topic: 
The objective is to practice the technologies in a socioeconomic context based on a lean economy (David Fleming, Lean Logic). With appropriate research methodology for Oxford University - MSc + DPhil in Social Data Science.

Some of the broad general topics mentioned on within the area.
  • Governance of a Multi-stakeholder ecosystem.
  • Optimize blockchain platform performance in large-scale with new protocols, new network architecture and hardware.

Any potential assistance forming my research questions for the undergraduate and post-graduate proposal would be greatly appreciated. 

I hope to hear back from you and look forward to it.

Best Regards, 
Robin A. Nordnes