Getting Started


Hi All,
I'm a young and technology passionate entrepreneur from Cameroon who specialized in computer sciences especially for networks, systems and cloud computing architectures. He's also focusing on how to revolutionize our local perceptions of what is technology by teaching, empowering young students, professionals and another startups fellow on focused training and 21st century skills. Also an IT Technical Specialist and ICT Innovative in Education with almost five years of experience in the field and the founder of NAMSOFT. Earlier this year i started to focus on blockchain ecosystem and how it could help us to improve our business ecosystem...that led me on Hyperledger.

With the participation of David and Marta, we were able to setup an Hyperledger Community in Cameroon and organized our first meetup. After that, we sen our community grow and more more we are welcoming students who want to know more about the blockchain and how to implement it.

I come here to know how to setup an Hyperledger Community within a university, how long it will take from us and especially what are the requirements to do that


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