Doodle voting for China-twg conference time -- 工作组双周例会举行时间投票

david liu

亲爱的Hyperledger 社区全体成员


我是来自香港的一位hyperledger开发者,在一次meetup会后的讨论中,王辉和我以及其他一些与会者都感到如今的Hyperledger twg-china的双周例会时间有些许令人为难。 由于周三上午10-11点通常都是上班时间,使得业余贡献者以及爱好者很难抽身参加。




Dear Hyperledger community members,


I am david, a hyperledger developer from Hongkong. During the discussion after last hyperledger meetup event, HuiWang, I and some attendees agreed on that current time slot for our Hyperledger twg-china bi-week regular meeting is somehow embarrassing. Typically, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM in Wednesday is working hour for developers, contributors and other interested people. Overlapping time slot made them hard to join or participate even through they are willing to.


With some talking to TWG members, I created a Doodle poll to collect all your preference on TWG bi-week conference time.


Hope you all can share your opinion and vote for it.



Best regards,

David Liu

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