Identity Working Group Call 2021-04-14: Reprise


Hi all,

We had a great call today. Thanks to Coty de Monteverde, Paula Pascual, & Carlos Pastor all participate in Alastria and are employees of Santander and in Carlos' case of Inetum.
They also covered ESSI and the European blockchain infrastructure project.
The video recording is available on the wiki page.
All questions and answers asked on chat and otherwise are given below and on the wiki page.
Let us continue to collaborate!
We will get a copy of the presentation up as soon as the presenters share it with us. Maybe they will answer some of the unanswered questions.

Questions (unanswered)

Miguel Jimenez : Could a user create a presentation from multiples DIDs? If it is the case, how do you avoid a composite identity?

Joseba LEKUBE : Is it possible not to store on chain the users public key in order to increase privacy?

Questions (answered )

luca boldrin : Is the api (swagger) offered on some central alastria node? or is it exposed by each single network node?

Carlos Pastor answered this question on the recording

Reynaldo (CPQD) : Do you intend to develop new PoC using diferent DLT, like indy or Fabric?

Answer: Paula Pascual : Hey Renaldo, of course, in fact we are already adapting the model to be deployed to Hyperledger Fabric. Hopefully we can do the same with other DLTs!

Some other questions were asked and answered on zoom.

  1. Canonicalization? Use of techniques to produce equivalence of equivalent data (since hashing can create different hashes for equivalent xml or json documents which have different order of elements or absence or presence of empty elements) We will continue the discussion.
  2. GLEIF based LEIs and Roles (for wallets that should be on individuals zoom) for digitalis - should be answered by Digitalis members.
  3. Jim Mason volunteered his thoughts on SSI implementation and the necessity of leveraging solutions that are out there
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