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Thank you everybody for the discussion about my proposal.  Because we lot quorum right at the last minute, the decision was made to move this discussion and vote to the mailing list.  The amended proposal is this:


A team seeking to graduate from incubation shall have started the CII Badge application and be nearly complete with incomplete badge requirements referenced in their graduation proposal.  100% of the applicable criteria for the CII Badge is a requirement for releasing a 1.0 of the project.  That does not mean the project must have 100% of all criteria, just 100% of the applicable criteria.  This is to allow for projects such as test harnesses, that have "N/A" answers for questions that don't offer that as an option.


If everybody is good with the proposal language, I ask Chris to conduct an electronic vote on including this language in the Hyperledger guidelines document and adopt this as evaluation criteria for graduation and 1.0 approval.




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