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Arun S M

Personal thoughts and comments: regular TSC meetings keep us all on track, these can continue even if they are run for shorter length. The option of inviting task force participants to the TSC meetings sounds like a great plan. This way the remaining time on the TSC calendar can be effectively utilized but for greater task force participation. For sure this is optional arrangement, the task force can choose a separate slot for a meeting or a different approach altogether to communicate amongst their participants.


On Fri, Mar 18, 2022 at 3:06 AM Kuhrt, Tracy A. via <> wrote:

Today in our TSC meeting, we talked about the creation of a number of task forces that would be focused on the following areas:

  1. What projects are we missing in Hyperledger
  2. Project families website revamp
  3. Document TSC responsibilities
  4. Project health dashboards


In our meeting, we ran out of time to discuss how we would like to proceed with the task forces. There were a few suggestions made during our call on ways that we may want to approach this:

  1. Reduce the number of TSC calls that we have on an ongoing basis and use the time slot to host the task force meetings. Under here, there were a couple of different options that were suggested (note, I skipped TF-3 because Arnaud volunteered to do this via a PR request):
    1. Host one TSC call per month and use the other weeks to rotate between the task force meetings. This would look like (TSC call, TF-1 call, TF-2 call, TF-4 call, repeat).
    2. Host the TSC call on a bi-weekly basis and use the alternate week to host a task force call. This would look like (TSC call, TF-1, TSC call, TF-2, TSC call, TF-4, repeat).
  2. Alternatively, use the TSC call to discuss standard business for the 1st 30 minutes and the 2nd 30 minutes to discuss TF topics. Again, I heard two different options:
    1. Rotate between the TF for each call. This would look like (TSC call/TF-1, TSC call/TF-2, TSC call/TF-3, repeat).
    2. Use breakout rooms for the second 30 minutes to have people attend the TF that they are interested in joining. (Note: This stops someone who may be interested in participating in multiple TF, as they would be ongoing at the same time).
  3. Continue to use a separate time slot for hosting task force calls and host the TSC calls with no changes to the schedule.


I am sure that there are other options that we did not discuss.


Please respond with your preference for how you would like to proceed with hosting the task force calls. If we think that #3 is the right approach, we will need volunteers to serve as a chair to set up time for the people that expressed interest in participating in a given task force and to report back to the TSC on a regular basis regarding the progress that the task force is making towards achieving the task.



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