Re: [Hyperledger Identity WG] Identity Working Group the road forward September 15, 2021 12 noon EDT

Alfonso Govela Thomae

Thanks Vipin, and hi all,

Your proposal is most relevant. Agreements and suggestions follow.

- Identity is foundational for any decentralized ecosystem, and vital for des-intermediated transactions.

- Ownership of assets, digital or not, require identified proprietaries.

- IDWG should continue to be a breeding ground for identity related issues.

- ID should be one of many bridges to build across silos.

- Systematization of knowledge can help our group, and facilitate bringing in interest from others.

- Let's start a movement to systematize knowledge at each SIGs, WGs, and Meetups. Repetition across groups might facilitate connections.

- Referencing context is a meaningful way to include related, but still not included, areas.

- Let’s retake the identity focused white paper.

- I would like to contribute with a Taxonomy of ID Use Cases, that can expand our Taxonomy of DLT / Blockchain Educational Opportunities at LMDWG.

Personally I would like to keep our meetings bi-weekly. My experience with Meetup Groups is that monthly sessions don't generate enough engagement.

Thank you Vipin for all your support in making this IDWG possible.

Kind regards to you all,

Alfonso Govela
Co-Founder Hyperledger Latinoamerica
Co-Chair Learning Materials and Development Working Group

On Sep 13, 2021, at 11:15 AM, VIPIN BHARATHAN via <> wrote:

Hi all,

This is an exciting time for Digital Identity Solutions in the Blockchain space.
Digital identity was always recognized as foundational in a decentralized ecosystem. A notion of Identity has to exist even before a digital asset is issued and certainly when it is transferred.
The Identity Working Group is where many important Identity based blockchains and other solutions were incubated and launched in Hyperledger, including Indy and Aries.
We now have a parallel Identity Implementors call which is very successful. That call is technology focused on Identity solutions.

The Identity Working Group has hosted numerous calls that examine Identity in Blockchain from so many different angles.
This has been mostly a presentation-based format, even though we have always encouraged active listening and questions.
We started on a Identity focused white paper a while ago, but that effort has fizzled out.

As you have noticed, the last few calls have been cancelled.
We have to have a rethink of the rationale and purpose behind the group.
Some ideas:
  1. Restart the Identity WG paper as a systemization of knowledge (a survey based approach) and guide to the various standardization efforts for Identity
  2. Work with the other working groups to address the breaking/bridging silos to work on common problems (Identity being a cross-silo concern) and often a cross-silo bridger or a pivot.
  3. Talk about reference implementations for Identity in the larger context namely privacy, regulations, decentralizing Identity proofing, authentication and authorization, always in the context of real applications on the blockchain
  4. Drop down the frequency of calls to once a month  
 Please respond to this email with suggestions and ideas. We can get together on Wednesday to discuss our path forward.
Hope to see you on zoom at noon EDT (-1600 UTC) on Wednesday the 15th of September


Vipin Bharathan
Digital Transformation Consultant
Financial Services (Blockchain, ML, Design Thinking)

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