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In case people have doubts about these zoom links
  1. Hyperledger meetings use three separate links (TSC has its own) - they are  all shared between WGs/SIGs/other groups
  2. As long as people use these without treading on each other it should be fine ( no more than 3 meetings can happen simultaneously.
  3. Requires a shared calendar to verify that one or more of the zoom links are free at a particular time.
  4. Also requires that all groups using the calendar either have direct and indirect write access to the calendar. Does not look like the firefly guys and the meetup groups use the calendar to ensure no collisions. 
  5. You have to self-administer the collisions and collaborate.
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Is this calendar invite obsolete?
It takes me to the FireFly weekly meeting at this link.


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Reminder: Hyperledger Ursa Biweekly Meeting

7:00am to 8:00am
(UTC-07:00) America/Los Angeles


Organizer: Hart Montgomery hmontgomery@...

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This is the regular biweekly Ursa meeting.

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