Re: Hyperledger Labs versus Project incubation status

Danno Ferrin

I don't think we should move requirements for a graduated project down into the requirements for incubation, and that is the slippery slope we are heading down.  Part of the goal of incubation is to help build the project into its final form, and having some unfinished designs fits in that pattern.  The community can then iterate and work on a solution that works for the community and not just the initial code contributors. For something integrating across multiple DLT models it would be critical in that sense to get multiple communities involved, and incubation to me is the right place for that.

This would be an excellent requirement for project graduation for this specific project, and I think it would be worth formalizing the TSCs expectations as part of admission to incubation for this project.

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 4:48 AM Angelo De Caro <adc@...> wrote:
My two cents:

An important criteria for me is the design. If the design is complete, sound, and, possibly, already peer reviewed, then even if the code is not complete I'm good with it.

In the case of Firefly, the token design is missing. The token ecosystem is crucial to the applications mentioned. The design must be completed also to make sure that anyone who wants to plug a new DLT knows which are the requirements.


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