Question about license and a way to identify exceptions

Arun S M


I was going through Hyperledger labs repositories for some other purpose when I found this project submitted by one of the active volunteers at Hyperledger India Chapter. It has been put under MIT license. When I searched for the charter and information on licensing, it is mentioned that there will be an exception process if it is not Apache 2.0. However, I am not sure if this project went through that process.

Section 12 of charter document:

In the next Hyperledger India Chapter community meeting on Thursday, I will talk to the creator of the project about this.
But these questions exist
1. Was there an exception process? If so, where do we document it and how can we reference the exception process from this repository in future?
2. Shall we define a way to identify exceptions directly from the repository?
3. Should this be the responsibility of the lab steward or the sponsor?

Going back to another discussion/email on the need for a sponsor, if lab stewards can handle these then good enough.
I agree to Brian's point that the more volunteers the better will be participation and engagement.


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