Re: SIG Request for Support from Technical Community: Defining Standards

Arnaud Le Hors

I think this actually raises a couple of issues.

The first one is the framework to develop standards within Hyperledger. Hyperledger wasn't set up to develop standards. The belief was that this would be done in other organizations and we would merely focus on implementation. That question was recently raised in the context of the Aries project which has been in fact developing a specification. I will let Brian speak up about what we can do here.

The second one is a question of socialization of the work happening in different parts of Hyperledger. This is a need we have across Hyperledger. The TSC has had several discussions about what we could do to help projects know more about each other so that opportunities for collaboration could be seized - projects often work on similar topics in isolation due to a lack of awareness. We clearly haven't figured this one out yet and ought to give this another look.

Arnaud  Le Hors - Senior Technical Staff Member, Blockchain & Web Open Technologies - IBM

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On January 11th, I provided a report back on the SIG chair meetingthat I attended. On our TSC call on January 14th, we had some initial discussions about each of the items that I reported back on. It was suggested that I break out the individual items so that if there were any additional thoughts on the topic that we could discuss in a single thread instead of mixing topics.


This is the email to discuss item #1 Defining standards -- data standards, process standards.  How to get standards to interoperate.  How to break things out of silos since different SIGs are working on standards in separate groups.  Can presenting these standards efforts to the TSC help break these out of standards?  Can the technical community help with implementation of the standards?


Here is what has been mentioned on the previous thread so far regarding this topic:


From Arun:

Do we need to streamline the outcomes of these standardization activities? TSC can help here by reviewing current modes of collaboration. Another way TSC can be involved is to review the content as you suggested. TSC could guide SIGs on what is possible, already available, what alternatives are available, be able to bridge to other similar outcomes. This will help TSC in a way to respond to project needs and requests.




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