Re: [Hyperledger Project TSC] Agenda for August 11, 2016

Baohua Yang

Dear all
      Attach the hyperledger-py overview slides for the TSC meeting, FYI.

On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 6:16 AM, Todd Benzies via hyperledger-tsc <hyperledger-tsc@...> wrote:
  • Action Item Review
    • Hackfest preparation and updates (Todd)
    • Review Hyperledger Release Taxonomy v0.2 and add semver versioning numbers (Brian)
  • TSC steady state election
    • Election timeline
    • Contributor list (if you are not on this list, but should be, please email tbenzies@...) -- nomination phase will open after the TSC call tomorrow and this will be the official list.
  • Hyperledger Explorer proposal (Pardha, Dan, Chris)
  • Hyperledger-py proposal (Baohua Yang)
  • WG Updates

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