Dan Middleton taking on the new role of vice-chair of TSC

Arnaud Le Hors

Hi all,
On yesterday's TSC call, the TSC adopted the following resolution (https://wiki.hyperledger.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=20021855):

        Add a vice-chair who can take over when the chair is not available. The first member to win the election is chair, the second is vice-chair.

I proposed to implement this resolution immediately which, based on the results of the last TSC chair election, would make Dan Middelton the vice-chair for the current term. However, Dan not being on the call due to travel, the TSC decided to confirm with him first whether he'd be willing to serve as vice-chair.

I'm happy to say that he is! So, we now have Dan Middleton as vice-chair of the TSC, effective immediately.

Arnaud  Le Hors - Senior Technical Staff Member, Blockchain & Web Open Technologies - IBM

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