Burrow Relaunch - The Boring Blockchain

Silas Davis

Hello TSC list,

As I mentioned at Burrow's last quarterly update I believe Burrow is punching below its weight due to a mixture of lack of awareness and lack of good docs.

We have finally completed a significant docs writing and re-writing exercise. The fruits of which can be found here (source in /docs on github):


I have also drafted a (rather long) blog post that aims to do two things:

1. Provide a brand/vision/philosophy for Burrow that is easy to understand and engaging (and hopefully representative)

2. Present our core features as part of a coherent story all in one place

The post is here:

I am particularly interested in feedback from the wider TSC list on three points:

1. Does the branding philosophy and vision of Burrow outlined work for you? Does this give a clearer idea why you might choose Burrow? Can it be improved?

2. Do you have any suggestions on improving our new documentation which we could implement in a less than an hour?

3. Do you see any opportunity to add some connective tissue between features in the in detail section.

I have already spent more time than I intended on this. I welcome feedback but I also do not want the perfect to be the enemy of the good. I am about to do a thorough proof-read myself, but if you notice anything please comment on gist.

Regarding 2, if anyone has the time to walk through any of our docs to check the steps work as advertised then we ❤️ you.

I am hoping to get this live before maintainer's summit but we'll see how it goes. Once it is up retweets and sharing will be very much appreciated.

Vale Marmota!


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