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Hi Dan,

Thanks for confirming the change was approved.

I've made quite a few updates today to Composer to indicate the projects status. Happy to move these into the wiki:

- GitHub repository descriptions updated:
- (and all the other repos)
- GitHub files,, and updated:
- (and all the other repos)
- Composer documentation updated:
- Composer playground updated:
- Composer npm modules updated:
- Composer Docker images updated:
- Composer Rocket.Chat channels updated:

Special thanks to Ry for helping me with various permissions!

Finally - should I assume that the Hyperledger marketing team will take care of the various pages?

Best regards,

Simon Stone

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Subject: Re: [Hyperledger TSC] Deprecation of Composer

Deprecated is the existing term:

In my experience _deprecated_ means, “hey this thing is going away and won’t be supported much longer” which is the message that we want users to hear.

Caroline/Dan/Simon can you please update the composer readme with an indication of its new status. (The TSC approved the change today including your request of a soft end date before transition to EOL).

Probably a good idea to mark the topic field in your chat channel(s) and send a note to your mail list as well.

If you can help us form a checklist of these actions that will be helpful for future projects. We could put that somewhere in the lifecycle section of the wiki.


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Subject: Re: [Hyperledger TSC] Deprecation of Composer

Somehow, i feel the term deprecation is not that appropriate for a mature-enough project like Composer.

It might be more reasonable to rename it as Maintenance, as there are still supports to fix those important issues.

Proposed --> Incubation --> Active --> Maintenance --> End of Life



On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 7:16 AM Middleton, Dan <dan.middleton@...> wrote:

Hi Simon, Dan, and Caroline,

We will put this up for ratification at this week's TSC meeting.
I do think this is a healthy sign of a mature open source organization - that we are actively managing the portfolio of projects and in this case that the community itself is taking that active role.


Dan Middleton
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It's been a whole year since the IBM team contributing to Composer moved to focus on Fabric. Dan Selman, the other maintainer, has been focusing on smart legal contracts under the Accord project.

In that time, very little activity has occurred in Composer, with the exception of us publishing several bug fix releases for users we know of who are still using Composer in production (these users are all in the process of migrating their solutions to Fabric). Also in this time, no other contributors have stepped forward to take over development of the Composer project.

We have been following the output of the Project Lifecycle Task Force, and we would like to propose to the TSC that the Composer project is moved into deprecated status. As mentioned above, we are continuing to support certain users, and we are also happy to continue to merge and publish fixes from other contributors if they arise.

We understand that after we move into deprecated status, there will be a period of 6 months before Composer is moved into EOL. We have no problems with this, but nearer the time we may want to discuss options around continuing to support certain users.

Please let me know if I misunderstood anything, or if you need us to do anything else on top of this note.

Many thanks,
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Best wishes!

Baohua Yang

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