Brasil Bootcamp - Details and Ask

Karen Ottoni

Hi Everyone,

My apologies I had sound issues on the call earlier today. To recap what Daniela said, we're organizing the next bootcamp to take place in São Paulo, Brazil on June 24-25th. We are currently bringing together a core set of session leaders to ensure we'll have enough base content for the bootcamp before we announce it publicly for session proposals and registration late next week.

What we'd love from this community:
  1. Volunteer to lead a session! The Hyperledger Brasil community is very much budding and this would be a great way to onboard new contributors and diversify your community. We've got some local Fabric and Indy knowledge, but the more frameworks and tools the better. If you know of anyone to suggest to us please reach out.
  2. Mentor a session leader! Since it is a budding community there may not be representation of many of our projects, but this can be mitigated through mentoring so that someone locally is trained up over the next month to be able to do a 101 or intro session on your specific technology.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for the above please reach out to me, kottoni@... and Silona, sbonewald@....

Please also check out our Wiki to stay abreast of activities and how the agenda is being developed.

Thank you,

Karen L. Ottoni

Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger
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Mobile: +1 919 699 8905

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