Identity WG

Vipin Bharathan

Hello all,
As we have had some cancellations of calls we have not had the opportunity to report on the Identity Working Group paper. We also have a backlog of presentations (see below). This is a rough road map for efforts for the short term. Please remember we will have a call on May 29th.

There has been some progress on the paper which I report below.
  • Added some more text to the Identity WG paper and cleaned up the PSD2 section, 
  • lots of edits contributed by @mcemkilinc  getting the latest thoughts into analyzing the different identity models. 
  • Starting to write the DID section and will add Aries. 
  • Got a rough edit on the Iroha section, I will add that as well, thanks to Anton Khvorov from Iroha. 
Additional work projected to be done by May 29 (which is the date for our next call)

Fabric writeup
MiFID review
DiD writeup

Calling for contributions from Burrow, Quilt and others, also reviews before we integrate the paper into github for more  control (maybe in about a month)

Please comment or respond to this email.


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