Recap of the Identity WG Call 2019-03-20

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,

A brief recap of the experiment conducted on the 20th which was to have two calls with roughly the same Agenda at different times to spur participation across the globe. Also, evangelized on other SIGs and working groups to have cross pollination.

The Identity WG calls had a lot of discussion and two compelling presentations on DiDs and related technologies (SSI). Please look at the meeting notes and recordings to get a sense of the depth of the analysis, questions, connections drawn.

We invite Identity experts from all of the DLTs in Hyperledger and elsewhere to give their views and guide us in what Enterprises are expecting today as far as Identity Management systems go and their pain-points and their solutions. Also useful would be insight into actual use cases and their plans to integrate divided Identity systems.  

We will continue the two call format going forward; the next call(s) on the 3rd of April.
- There will be a presentation on the India Community Group on April 1(sic) on the ID WG; 
- Updated paper is being driven towards a draft version.

Suggested Agenda for the next call :

1. Demo of universal resolver by DiF
2. Convergence of solutions (DiF, Solid and others), how they affect us 
3. Layer 2 Identity protocols (for privacy of data and meta-data)- common effects
4. Roadmap towards an Agent 2 Agent protocol
5. Digital Wallets and their importance for Identity Management

Suggestions and comments are welcome.


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