Re: Agenda Reminder

Brian Behlendorf

On 3/21/19 7:05 AM, Mic Bowman wrote:
also without sounding too snarky... i would suggest that the access controls on that page are broken. for something as important as the agenda, it seems rather important to have a single owner who can coordinate updates.
I understand the concern; but since all writes require a login (as opposed to anonymous), the version history is kept, and authors being notified on edits (and others like me who subscribe to the whole wiki change stream) the general principle of allowing edits still seems to outweigh the risks.  Though, I think it's worth locking some pages from time to time, like agendas for meetings past, meeting notes, or accepted new project proposals, so that no further edits are allowed.

and... fwiw... offline i asked silona for permission to edit, we discussed the right way to edit, and i added the link to Dave's document into his work item in the backlog.
Ah!  Had missed that, though it seemed germane to the topic on the agenda.


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