Iroha Release Request: Should Iroha move back to Incubation or remain in Active state

Sara Garifullina

Dear TSC members

According to Project Lifecycle page here: "", a direct quote:

"Projects are in one of five possible states: Proposal, Incubation, Active, First Major Release, Deprecated, End of Life.Projects may not necessarily move through those states in a linear way and may go through several iterations."

Based on the table on the main page here Hyperledger still has no DLT framework which is First Major Release state. It seems there could be something wrong with this taxonomy, which brings us to our biggest concern: 

Right now project statuses reflect a technical state of the project and the state of maintainers/contributors communities at the same time. 

This creates an unwanted situation when let's say Iroha went to Incubation — then potential users or customers or maintainers would judge not only the state of community but also the technical state of the project. Implicitly, "Incubation" as a word implies that there's some work to be "hatched" and what exactly is required — is left to a readers' perception.

What we are proposing is to separate lifecycle states reflecting maintainers (vendors?) diversity, and technical maturity of the project, e.g. technical states remain the same as they are right now, but community is assessed against transparent scale (let's call it weather: stormy, calm, sunny, etc.) with defined (TBD) metrics. Since HL has a dedicated community team with Silona in charge — they might run community assessment process with a set of automated tools according to the metrics that are discussed and established by TSC. We may perform such reassessments each quarter.

History (not in HL) knows open-source tools with their community activity and maintainers diversity ranging from little to no activity at all, while still being reliable tools — this is of course not a situation I want to anticipate by any means, but we would like to provide you support for the idea of separation of the states. 

If we flag Iroha as in "incubation" — contributors, existing maintainers, our potential vendors, and users will have a wrong perception of Iroha as a tool that is not yet “production ready.”, based on the statements given above by Hart.

My proposal for the TSC is to:

  • make a decision on Iroha's FMR, considering its state from a technical point of view — things that will matter to people willing to use DLT in their projects the most
  • in parallel launch a discussion related to lifecycle grooming and separation of states for assessment community health and technical state of the project

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