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Jonathan Levi (HACERA)

Thanks Chris,

>> Seems to me that the process for a build should be in the control of the project's maintainers, not LFIT.

^^^ I agree and I used to believe that this was indeed the case.

I see. Didn't realize the Fabric maintainers are/were being asked to move away from Jenkins. What's the problem/issue with our Jenkins?

Thanks, Jonathan

On Thu, Jan 24, 2019, 1:17 AM Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@... wrote:
Reading the linked note from Ry, it seems that this has little to do with CI/CD and more to do with LFIT process and policies.
  • Opaque process for adding new projects to Jenkins
  • Opaque process for getting changes approved
  • Responsiveness to helpdesk tickets is not good
None of the above is relevant to CI/CD tooling.
Now, that said, I also heard that there was pushback from LFIT on Fabric's use of Jenkins pipelines (we would like to move away from the opaque, Rube Goldbergian JJB). Seems to me that the process for a build should be in the control of the project's maintainers, not LFIT. LFIT should be responsible for providing robust and resilient tools and endeavoring to ensure their availability.

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Hi everybody,
This is really great - thanks.
1. Just to confirm, the issues with the Fabric CI/CD were resolved (at least the stuff I have expressed in the quotes thread, well before the latest HL Fabric 1.4 was complete). 
Those who followed may have noticed how smooth was Fabric's 1.4-LTS release.... we were even ready a bit ahead of the release and had plenty of time, this time round.
2. I keep reading, hearing and am being asked occasionally about the CI/CD, Jenkins, etc
.... but you know, back in the day, we kept the requirements very open, in terms of what tools a project uses. CI/CD is one of such tools/frameworks.
Specifically, In Fabric, we managed to get to a much more stable build process over the years. And to be clear, it is mostly thanks to the hard work of Ramesh, the Fabric CI team, and others who helped along the way.
We had many issues with versioning, depencies (that are/can be an issue in Golang), Gossip optimizations that used to vary at times from a time to time - and the "ninjas" from the CI/CD team kept on improving things. I am sure they felt that we (the developers and the maintainers) are driving them crazy, but they kept on working hard to address a very long list of issues, as these popped-up.
However/but, and this is a big but - I think that it is important to remember that nobody is forcing or pushing anyone to use one CI/CD software or tool vs. another.
In a way, we have so much blood and swear invested in stabilizing our process in Fabric... but by all means, don't let our choice affect your choice of tooling... Iroha, Ursa or any other project should be free to work with the platform adm tooling of choice.
I can tell you that internally, HACERA uses a completely different tooling stack, and it is often helpful to.try the same code from.(yet another, ) different angle. And indeed from a time to time it helped catch some things that would have been hard to Identity on one platform vs. another.
Are we still working under the same assumption that projects (/maintainers) should feel free to choose whichever tool is right for your project, language, platform, O/S, or development environment ?

I actually wanted to bring it up in that other thread referenced above... as I didn't envision the TSC or anyone blocking one, if they end up not using Jenkins,.if a project prefers to use some other tool...?
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On Jan 23, 2019 9:38 PM, "Ry Jones" <rjones@...> wrote:
Last year, there was a thread expressing frustration with the Hyperledger CI/CD process as it exists. This morning, I heard from the Ursa team that this is still an issue.
I have created a very bare bones wiki page and I would like to have a broader discussion about CI/CD. Please edit the wiki page (or follow up here) so that issues and concerns can be understood.
I am interested in all feedback. I know the Fabric team has worked hard on Jenkins, but I suspect they have more input to give. This is a topic I'm passionate about, as removing barriers to developer onboarding is one of my charters.
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