Guidelines for considering a new framework proposal

Tracy Kuhrt <tkuhrt@...>

Hello, TSC members.

I am writing because Hyperledger staff members are often approached regarding proposals for a new framework as a top-level project to Hyperledger. Our response is usually to ask "what are the differentiating features for the framework", "have you considered adding those features to an existing framework", and "would you consider adding support to the different tools for the given framework". Instead of these questions, it would be ideal if we could draft a set of guidelines for people looking to propose a new framework for acceptance as a top-level project.

Please provide your thoughts in response to this email so that we can gather a set of guidelines for a new framework that the TSC would consider bringing to Hyperledger. Once we have a good set of guidelines, I will draft a wiki page for review.

Tracy Kuhrt
Community Architect, Hyperledger
The Linux Foundation
Hyperledger Chat: @tkuhrt

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