Hyperledger Community Survey

Tracy Kuhrt <tkuhrt@...>

As you may remember, last year we developed a community surveyThe original goals for this survey were to:
  • Find out who are developers are
  • Find out what developers want from the different Hyperledger projects
  • Find out what tools are developers use

We are interested in repeating this survey. We have made a few minor modifications to the survey, and we would like to get your feedback on any questions that the TSC would like added to the survey. Please review the following and provide your comments and suggestions: Developer Survey Questions 2018. We would ideally like to kick this survey off around the time frame of the Hyperledger Global Forum and running it through February 2019. 

Tracy Kuhrt
Community Architect, Hyperledger
The Linux Foundation
Hyperledger Chat: @tkuhrt

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