Re: Understanding the health of the Hyperledger community

David Boswell


I'm glad to hear that you're interested in the idea of a community health working group and thanks for offering to get involved.

I also like your idea of having a sense of the availability of participants.  That makes sense to me -- a large community of people that aren't available won't be as healthy as a community the exact same size but full of people who are more available.  I'll be interested to hear more of your thoughts on this.


On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 9:15 PM, Mark Wagner <mwagner114@...> wrote:
I have been formulating an email in my head on something similar. It revolves around the "availability" of the participants. Note that there are some generalizations below. I do realize that this is not 100% everywhere.

I think one of the main things with working groups is that the output of WG is not the primary job function of many of the people involved. I know this holds true for me as Blockchain Performance and Scalability is clearly not part of my day job (but it is a passion!). My impression is that this holds many others involved with the PSWG.

In contrast, it seems that for many of the people participating in the various projects, that *is* their day job. They work on helping to bring a particular project forward.

So while I am trying my best to avoid the word "commitment", it really is the best term to use. For the WG case it is a "best effort" commitment. For the projects, it is a "I need to get it done" commitment. So if these observations are mostly correct, we may need need to approach working groups different from projects.

Thoughts ?

I would love to be involved in a Community Health Working Group to help figure this out.


On Tue, Aug 21, 2018, 17:46 Ry Jones <rjones@...> wrote:
Tracy, David, and I have been working on the charter for a proposed working group that would be concerned with the health of working groups and projects.

I hope you find this proposal timely in light of the discussion on last week's TSC call.

We are interested in your thoughts and comments. This is not yet a formal proposal to the TSC for the formation of the working group.
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