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Middleton, Dan

I was able to submit my ballot and I'm happy to say it was hard ranking. There's a lot of people whose work I respect on this list and some people whose work I'm not yet as familiar with but interested in learning about.

Unfortunately, what I also couldn't help noticing was that we didn't have a single female candidate.
There's no doubt a number of other groups (that are less apparent from a cursory inspection of names) who aren't represented in the technical leadership.


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On 08/20/2018 04:01 PM, Bob Summerwill wrote:
> For sure. Makes sense.
> Is this "votes obscured" pattern typical for elected technical (or
> indeed non-technical) committees which you have seen in other open
> source organizations, Brian?
I don't know whether other TSCs at Linux Foundation-hosted communities
do this the same way, but I'm not aware of us being an exception to that.

The Apache Software Foundation uses STV: but then publishes just the
list of names:
and I didn't see numbers published in the corresponding posts on

In general I have to say I prefer it as a way to get across that while
popularity and contribution levels may differ, what's important is
working together as humans and peers to get things done, and award a
degree of recognition for one's service to the broader community, but
not to score points on a leaderboard.

Perhaps this is implicitly understood, but I'd add that another bit of
Apache culture I think is important to bring over is that people are not
on the TSC to represent their employer, but to represent themselves and
their reputation in the community, which will in many (most?) cases
outlast one's current employer.


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