Minutes / August 16th, 2018

Todd Benzies <tbenzies@...>

Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

August 16, 2018 (7:00am - 8:00am PT)

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TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors


Baohua Yang


Binh Nguyen


Christopher Ferris

Dan Middleton


Greg Haskins


Hart Montgomery


Jonathan Levi


Kelly Olson


Mic Bowman


Nathan George




  • Next Hackfest -- October 3-4 | Montreal (registration)

  • Q1 2019 -- planning for APAC

    • Week of 1/14 or 3/4?

    • January could conflict with Real World Crypto (not to mention it is close to New Years and Hyperledger Global Forum)

    • Concern that March was too late in the cycle

    • Try to find a middle date (not conflicting with CNY) and then issue Doodle poll to hone in between the three dates

  • Hyperledger Global Forum, December 12-15 (Basel, Switzerland)

Annual TSC Election

  • Election phase begins directly following the TSC call

  • Reminder - timing & process

Quarterly project updates

  • [2 weeks overdue] Hyperledger Composer update

  • Michael McKean provided the Hyperledger Indy update

    • A comment was made that there is a lot of code growth outside of Hyperledger Indy, but more challenging to get folks to make PRs and contribute.  Indy Community is very welcoming for more people to contribute!

  • Next week:  Hyperledger Burrow update

Quarterly WG updates

  • Marta Piekarska provided the Public Sector WG update

    • A comment was made that there are schools (i.e. Columbia with their interntional school of public affairs) that would be a great resource to reach out to.

    • A question was raised as to how many participants from APAC in these meetings?

      • Few that join meetings (likely timezone problem).  Looking to shift time next quarter to make it easier for some.

  • September 6th:  Architecture WG update

[pending] Copyright discussion (no action during this meeting)

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