Nomination for TSC - Silas Davis

Duncan Johnston-Watt

I'd like to nominate Silas Davis (CTO, Monax). Here is his pitch -
Bio: I am Silas Davis, CTO of Monax the company that originally donated Hyperledger Burrow. I remain the lead maintainer of Burrow which has been integrated into both Fabric an Sawtooth Lake. Monax is launching a public legal agreements network based on Burrow at its core:

Burrow is not the highest profile project but has had a lot of (hopefully positive) movement over the past few months. It occupies an interesting position within Hyperledgerth interest across other projects and the potential to build bridges to the Ethereum and Tendermint communities as well as between projects at Hyperledger.

I am a failed wrestler and a failed mathematician: I once had a amateur MMA fight in Glasgow and I studied Mathematical Physics (MPhys) at Edinburgh University and then more maths at Cambridge in the UK, before deciding that software was going to be more my thing. I worked at SwiftKey for 2 1/2 years working on machine learning / big (_medium_ really) data engineering involving natural language processing at scale using across n-gram, bayesian, and neural models. I joined Monax in early 2016 as a platform engineer and became CTO about seven months ago. Driven by an interest in smart contracts as their promise to be 'a better glue' and the vague yearning to decentralise all the things I have not looked back. I love working in this area, and if you keep your head down it seems like it might just work. Hyperledger is a great organisation having had experience with others, and I'd love to get more involved.

Pros: Marmot, active lead contributor, broad interest from formal stuff to practical stuff, forcing my our dogfood down my throat on a daily basis with the Agreements Network, can talk to people nicely.

Cons: Marmot, less experience than some (about 8 1/2 years commercial software), sometimes forget when my quarterly update is, bad French accent.

Why I'd like to do it: I would like to see open systems and open software succeed, Hyperledger is a great vessel for that so I would like to see Hyperledger succeed, and hopefully I could contribute to that by providing useful feedback via the TSC. Aside from that I think I could learn a lot from other members of the TSC and wider community while giving back on areas where I have a niche.


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