Re: [Hyperledger Technical WG China] [IMPORTANT] TWGC governing board member candidate and voting members

Rich Zhao <zhao.zhenhua@...>

Dear TWGC fellows,

I am Zhenhua Zhao from IBM, and I'd like nominate myself. 

I started to organize meetups and build local community in Shenzhen in early this year and Guangzhou this month. With TWGC's help I have organized 3 meetups and the 4th is scheduled to this Saturday with live video broadcast,  the last meetup video has been watched 1500+ times online within one week and the number is still growing, which benefits 10+ times audience.

I was nominated and approved as an active volunteer in June because of my contribution. 

With my help, a company has applied to join hyperledger as a new member, the process is done, and will be announced soon. 

I've given some talks at meetups, conferences and webinars. I were invited to share my options on public medias for a few times.

Besides organizing community activities, I encouraged 4 teams to join 'Call for Code'  hackathon successfully. 

I also manage a marathon fan community for 5 years, the community has more than 500 members right now. My experience in the marathon community helps me a lot in TWGC community. 

I hope I can contribute more to our community and I ask you for consideration.

Best Regards,

Zhenhua Zhao

On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 11:28 AM Baohua Yang <yangbaohua@...> wrote:
Dear all

As the discussions on the group meeting, we are starting the TWGC governing board member candidate and voting process today. The voted candidate will become a new TWGC governing board member after TSC's approval.

The basic timeline (UTC+8) is
* Candidate nomination: 00:00 Aug 1st ~ 23:59 Aug 15th.
* Voting for candidate: 00:00 Aug 16th ~ 23:59 Aug 22th.
* Result collection: 00:00 Aug 23th ~ 23:59 Aug 28th.
* TSC approval: TBD.

For those who wanna become a candidate, please feel free to reply this email with a brief description of yourself.

For all TWGC contributors and volunteers, please help check the voting list
* Feel free to add your name if you have made some contributions like code, doc, speak in events, help in TWGC works in past year. 
* For those already in the list, please help verify the information is correct.


Best wishes!

Baohua Yang

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