Re: [Hyperledger Technical WG China] [IMPORTANT] TWGC governing board member candidate and voting members

Jay Guo

Dear TWGC fellows,

I'm Jiannan (Jay) Guo from IBM China and I would like to try nominating myself.

I started contributing code to Hyperledger Fabric since May 2017, and remain as an active contributor. Also, I started Hyperledger fabric-chaincode-evm project back in 2017. I had quite some experience helping people in the community, especially local in China, with their technical questions, as well as code contributions.

I've given some talks at meetups, conferences and webinars, on topics ranging from technical deep dive to community growth. I've been trying to make the community more welcoming and encourage people to join and contribute since the first day I stepped into this family.

As an active volunteer in TWGC, I started organizing Monthly Beijing Meetups, and facilitating events in other cities. I have the confidence to say that Hyperledger Monthly Meetups have become one of the most technical Blockchain events held at regular basis in China. Of course, this could never be achieved without generous help from community members.

I also had experience in other Open Source communities, namely Cloud Foundry and Apache Mesos. I truly believe in the power of open source, where people collectively build and innovate.

Thank you for your consideration.

- Jay

On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 11:28 AM Baohua Yang <yangbaohua@...> wrote:
Dear all

As the discussions on the group meeting, we are starting the TWGC governing board member candidate and voting process today. The voted candidate will become a new TWGC governing board member after TSC's approval.

The basic timeline (UTC+8) is
* Candidate nomination: 00:00 Aug 1st ~ 23:59 Aug 15th.
* Voting for candidate: 00:00 Aug 16th ~ 23:59 Aug 22th.
* Result collection: 00:00 Aug 23th ~ 23:59 Aug 28th.
* TSC approval: TBD.

For those who wanna become a candidate, please feel free to reply this email with a brief description of yourself.

For all TWGC contributors and volunteers, please help check the voting list
* Feel free to add your name if you have made some contributions like code, doc, speak in events, help in TWGC works in past year. 
* For those already in the list, please help verify the information is correct.


Best wishes!

Baohua Yang

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