[Hyperledger Project TSC] TSC Project Proposal - Cicero

Dan Selman

We propose the creation of a top-level Hyperledger project to develop technology related to making executable legal contracts. The industry working groups within the Accord Project (accordproject.org) - an associate member and partner of Hyperledger - are defining data models and legally enforceable natural language templates for a wide variety of legal clauses and contracts. Cicero will provide an Open Source implementation of the Accord Protocol (as defined by accordproject.org) and facilitate integrating smart legal contracts into distributed ledgers. Cicero code will be contributed to Hyperledger from Clause, Inc. - a Hyperledger member.

We would welcome the opportunity to present this proposal to the TSC, and answer questions, at your earliest convenience.

Dan Selman

Maintainer, Hyperledger Composer
CTO, Clause Inc.

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