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Benjamin Bollen <ben@...>

This project proposal has my support;  as does working to integrate a connection module to Burrow for it.  Great work and thanks


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Dear all,


We would like to submit a HIP we called it Caliper, which is a blockchain benchmark framework designed to test performance of multiple blockchain solutions with a set of predefined use cases.


The main purposes of this project are:

1.       To provide a common performance testing framework integrated with multiple blockchain solutions, like Fabric, Sawtooth, etc. To make it easy to write test cases for different blockchain systems.

2.       To standardize the implementation of performance measuring  to make it possible to compare the performance of different blockchain solutions in the same way.

3.       To provide some benchmark cases for typical blockchain scenarios.


The detailed proposal is at


The existing code is at


We look forward to hearing your feedback.


And Todd, we would like to present the proposal at this week’s TSC meeting. Is there any time for this topic?


Best Regards,


Haojun Zhou

Huawei Nanjing R&D Center
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Jiangsu, P.R.C.
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