Fw: [Hyperledger Capital Markets SIG] Invitation to dissertation interview


Forwarding a request from Rory to your group as it is very relevant.

Vipin Bharathan
Digital Transformation Consultant and Full Stack Engineer
Financial Services (Blockchain, ML, Design Thinking)

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Subject: [Hyperledger Capital Markets SIG] Invitation to dissertation interview

I am a student at University College London (UCL), currently completing an MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and Environment. I am messaging as I think my research will be of interest to this group. 
I am writing my dissertation on the applicability of blockchain technology to both supply chain management / transparency, and tokenisation capabilities in the lithium mining and processing industries, as a means of incentivising ESG best practice in the space. 
In my project I seek to interview stakeholders from mining, and those with knowledge applying DLT/blockchain technology to supply chains/ real-world assets, to analyse key themes from their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in this space going forward.
I was wondering if anyone from the group would be interested in a short interview, as it would be great to hear from leaders in this exciting and vital field.
If so, please do get in touch, and I would be more than happy to send through the relevant ethics / participation forms. Alternatively, if you know of anyone who would be interested, please pass on my details. Whilst I cannot offer financial renumeration, your contribution would hugely aid my research and future research in this space. Contributions can be made anonymously, or under an individual or company/organisation name.

My email is ucbquic@... if you wish to contact me about this. 
Rory Quick