Hyperledger Trade Finance SIG] - Special Joint meeting on "The Givin Chain: powering generosity. " Wed 09/29/2021 4:00am BST #cal

Andrea Frosinini

Reminder:  Hyperledger Trade Finance SIG joint Meeting with Hyperledger Social Impact SIG

When: Wednesday, 09/292021, 4:00am to 5:00am, BST (5:00am to  6:00am CET)

Where: https://zoom.us/my/hyperledger.community.3?pwd=UE90WHhEaHRqOGEyMkV3cldKa2d2dz09

Organizer: Andrea Frosinini & Barbara (Bobbi) Muscara


"The Givin Chain: powering generosity. Introductory meeting"

!Meeting agenda

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Andrea Frosinini

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