Winners of the 2020 Hyperledger TSC Election

Brian Behlendorf <bbehlendorf@...>

I am pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee:

Angelo De Caro
Arnaud Le Hors
Arun S M
Baohua Yang
Bobbi Muscara
Danno Ferrin
David Enyeart
Gari Singh
Grace Hartley
Hart Montgomery
Mark Wagner
MarĂ­a Teresa Nieto
Nathan George
Tracy Kuhrt
Troy Ronda

We have prepared a wiki page with information for new and returning TSC members, to help ensure everyone can participate fully and equally in the TSC committee.

Congratulations to everybody who ran and everybody who was elected. It pleases all of us to see how committed we all are to ensuring good governance of our projects and community.

We are not done yet! Over the next week the newly elected TSC members must nominate and elect a TSC chair; the second place person will be the vice-chair. Here is the timeline and instructions for that process:

  • - newly elected TSC members interested in running for chair nominate themselves by emailing election@...
  • nominees are contacted to confirm their nomination and how they would like their name to appear on the ballot
  • - newly elected TSC members will cast their ballots for TSC chair.
  • election ends at 11:59 PM (PDT, GMT-7)
  • the newly elected TSC chair and vice-chair is announced to the TSC mailing list.

Again, I'd like to congratulate everyone who participated in this election and especially to those that ran and have been elected. It's exciting to see new faces from such a broad cross-section of our community.



Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director, Hyperledger
Twitter: @brianbehlendorf