Tomorrow's Capital Markets SIG call at 10 am EDT


Hi all,
As mentioned last week 
  1. Intro and announcements - 2 mins
  2. Name Change proposal - 5 mins
    1. The range of concerns and the topics of the group have gone beyond pure Capital Markets into short term money markets, including payments and financial infrastructure. This unified approach should be reflected in the name of the group.
  3. DeFi subgroup proposal - 30 mins
    1. Mike McCoy formerly of the Healthcare SIG, now in BlockDaemon is proposing a DeFi sub-group. This is of specific interest to us, since DeFi is in the heart of the crypto-sphere and because of recent troubles on that front. He will make a presentation for all those who are interested.
  4. Project Hamilton feedback - 10 mins
    1. We have not been able to get together on collaborative answers, however I will be submitting some in a solo context and can share some of them with the group.
  5. NEFERTI project- status - 10 mins
    1. We have been getting a slow start on this project since it aims to disrupt the entire infrastructure and it is difficult to know where to start.
  6. AOB - 10 mins

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Hope everyone can join us. 
Vipin Bharathan
Digital Transformation Consultant and Full Stack Engineer
Financial Services (Blockchain, ML, Design Thinking)