The next meeting of the Identity Working Group Feb 16, 2022


Hi all,

The next meeting of the Identity WG will be on Feb 16 at 12 noon

Microledger: A portable data container
A presentation by Robert Mitwicki of the Human Colossus Foundation

A Microledger is an event transaction log that is cryptographically bound to a self-certifying identifier, enabling auditable account details of the origin, changes to, and details supporting the confidence or validity of data.

  • Microledgers as a generic concept and how it was born (ACDC)
  • Application of microledgers in Supply Chain
  • Stretching the supply chain
  • Microledgers & the Blockchain
  • Microledgers & KERI
  • Differences between microledgers and other approaches

Hope to see you there
Vipin Bharathan
Digital Transformation Consultant and Full Stack Engineer
Financial Services (Blockchain, ML, Design Thinking)