Hyperledger TOC Election Call for Nomination has begun

David Boswell

I wanted to let the TOC know that we have shared with the community that the nomination period for the TOC election has begun.  We'll follow up next week with a reminder to let people know to get in their submission before the nomination period closes.

If anyone on this list is interested in nominating yourself, the email I sent out to the other channels is copied below and it has the relevant details.



This year's Hyperledger Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) election will happen from November 1 to 30, 2022.  Note that Hyperledger's Technical Steering Committee has recently been renamed to Technical Oversight Committee.

The election will include active contributors who have nominated themselves to run as candidates – check to see if you are eligible to run if you are unsure.  We are now opening the call for nominations and this process will go through October 31 at the end of the day Pacific time.

To nominate yourself use the following email template with the subject line "TOC election nomination" and send it to election-2022@...:

Dear Election Committee,

I nominate myself for the TOC election. My email address is <email> and my GitHub ID is <github id>.

The contributions that I have had to the Hyperledger Foundation in the past year are (please check all that apply)
- code contribution to project/lab
- maintainer of project/lab
- TOC Member
- Lab Steward
- SIG leader
- Task Force leader
- Other (please provide details)


<your name>

After you have emailed your nomination, please also create a nomination statement on the Hyperledger Github repo and include the following information: nominee name, short personal bio and a short personal pitch about why someone should consider voting for you.

If you have any questions about the election process, please feel free to write to election-2022@....


Hyperledger staff