[Hyperledger Project TSC] How to get involved in hyperledger

Fabian Schuh <fabian@...>

Hello TSC members,

we have been trying to reach out to this group since we first came across
the blog post about Linux Foundation's blockchain initiative and have never
heard back. Did we choose the wrong approach?

Anyway, our company (Cryptonomex Inc.) would like to get more involved with
this initiative. Not only because we can contribute quite some amount of code,
but also because many members of our core team have been part of the crypto
currency ecosystem for several years and have come up with quite some innovations.

I have recently filled out the form to apply for a corporate membership but again
haven't heard back.

How should we proceed to get involved in Hyperledger? Where can I get more material
about the goals of the initiative and this steering committee?

Hoping for a reply this time.

-- Fabian Schuh

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