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Baohua Yang

Dear Altaf
Thanks for your comments, please see my response in line with blue.

By the way, it's my honor to have u in the acknowledge list for the insightful comments. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Thanks for more discussions!

On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 8:35 AM, Altaf, Muhammad <Muhammada@...> wrote:
Thanks for the proposal Baohua, I liked the idea of having blockchain as a service, but I think the important details are missing. Can you please clarify the following points:

(1) Which cloud platforms does it support
It would be good if you can provide the details of cloud infrastructure it supports (like AWS, Azure etc), and how to add support for other cloud platforms (if the design allows that)
Yes, we have deployed into several clouds (public and private ones), and actually there's link to one such public cloud (https://crl.ptopenlab.com:8800/bc) in the proposal. And we are on experimenting in a more large-scale datacenter. Take AWS for example, with the provisioned virtual machines, you can use the setup scripts (See the deployment docs).

(2) Who manages the cloud resources
Is the foundation responsible for managing the cloud infrastructure for this project? If yes, how much resources (compute, storage, network etc) are required. Who bears the cost? Or is it something that users will download and install on the cloud platforms of their choice? If this is the case, then how is it different to installing on the local network as it will require preparing and configuring the cloud infrastructure.
No. However, this is an interesting idea to have the foundation host such a cloud service directly (need TSC discussion). If it is realized, then users can directly request for a chain, and deploy/invoke/query their codecode without needing to do any setup or configuration works.

(3) While it is good for testing and exploring the blockchain networks, how is it useful in production where people don't want the free nodes from a pool of chains, but a dedicated node which they can bring up or down when and as they want.
Actually the chain is dedicated for each tenant. And if you want a physically dedicated resource, then the operator can help setup such isolated servers through the admin dashboard.

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Dear all

I'd like to propose a HIP: Cello. Cello provides Blockchain as a Service, which is designed to save efforts for chaincode developers from manipulating chains manually. It has been evaluated in on-line environment for half a year.

The proposal is at

The existing code is at https://github.com/yeasy/cello.

Hopefully this can help attract more contributions into the Hyperledger community. And it would be honor to have the TSC consider this proposal.

Welcome for any comments and more volunteers as sponsor!


Best wishes!

Baohua Yang


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Best wishes!

Baohua Yang