[Hyperledger Project TSC] Minutes / November 3rd, 2016

Todd Benzies <tbenzies@...>

Hyperledger Project

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

November 3, 2016 (7:00am - 8:00am PT)

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TSC Members

Arnaud Le Hors


Binh Nguyen

Christopher Ferris


Dan Middleton

Greg Haskins


Hart Montgomery


Mic Bowman


Murali Krishna Katipalli

Richard Brown


Sheehan Anderson


Tamas Blummer




  • Quick updates

  • Introduction to Global Synchronization Log (GSL) (Tamas Blummer)

  • Discussion on exit criteria from incubation

  • China Technical WG

Quick Updates

  • December Hackfest -- still need a venue for December 5th & 6th

  • WG updates reminder -- please share your updates on the TSC list (and update wiki)

[please send over via email]

Introduction to Global Synchronization Log (GSL) (Tamas Blummer)

  • Paper [please review and add comments/questions in the doc]

  • The purpose is to encourage collaborative work in the Hyperledger community towards an implementation of a GSL using projects currently under the Hyperledger umbrella.

  • Global Synchronization Log, a blockchain component that can serve as a common foundation for distinct Distributed Ledger implementations in wholesale regulated financial markets.

  • Discussion recording

Discussion on exit criteria from incubation

  • Project Incubation Exit Criteria

  • CF:  Want to make sure that we are all still aligned here -- the Fabric team is looking to march towards a v1 at the end of Q1 early next year, and wanting to exit from incubation.

  • Brian B:  Suggest that the TSC and technical community do one final review and make any pertinent updates before the November 10th TSC meeting (i.e. a few dated things like Github repos).  On the November 10th TSC call, come to agreement on the exit criteria and then start tracking progress on those in wiki with a checklist for each project in incubation.

China Technical WG

  • Brian B:  There seemed to be strong support for a China Technical WG.  This is not meant to have voting and a formal body of 11 like the global TSC, but this would name a few people to be links between the global TSC, and the technical WG in China.  I need to pull together a formal proposal with a few co-chairs and share to the TSC list.  The China Technical WG is accountable to TSC

  • FYI -- January 7th & 8th, Hackathon in China is underway, details coming soon.


  • ACTION:  TSC and technical community to review Project Incubation Exit Criteria and make any pertinent updates to be able to come to consensus on November 10th TSC meeting.

  • ACTION:  Brian to send a more formal proposal for China Technical WG to TSC list

  • December Hackfest

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