[Hyperledger Project TSC] Update from the Fabric SDK work group.

Dipiazza, Joseph M. <jdipiazza@...>

Good Day.


The fabric SDK work group (WG) would like to provide an update on our collective efforts . Our Fabric SDK consists of following sub-modules and here’s an update on each.






Main entrance module.

First draft complete. Review sessions scheduled for Friday 10/28 & Monday 10/31


Represents a network of peers formed ad hoc to start a channel.

First draft complete. Review sessions to be scheduled.


Obtain user enrollment certificates and transaction certificates..

Enrolling user’s and generating T-certs portions completed. Client side section in progress.


Represents a single peer node. Peer has roles of endorser and/or committer. An application may connect to a number of peers it has access to.

First draft complete. Review sessions to be scheduled.


Similar to “Peer”, but represents the endpoint for the ordering service, which could be a single node (local setup during development) or a proxy node to a network of orderers.

First draft complete. Review sessions to be scheduled.


Represents an user that will transact on the network. An instance of this class MUST be able to represent different state of enrollment (enrolled or not enrolled).

In progress.


An enrolled member (aka “user”) can issue an Endorsement proposal to a list of peers.


In Progress, updates provided by Binh 10/27 - in review.



Upon work group agreement on our first draft of the SDK specification, it will be provided to the TSC for broader feedback.   





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