[Hyperledger Project TSC] About Hyperledger Mailing Lists

Brian Behlendorf

Apologies for the cross-post; we just wanted to make sure the right folks are engaged in the right places in the right way. Please redirect follow-ups to the single best list.

We have a small set of mailing lists at Hyperledger. You can get information about them and links to archives for all of them at the following: http://lists.hyperledger.org/mailman/listinfo

We have a list set up for each project (Sawtooth Lake and Fabric, and soon Explorer), as well as many of the working groups (Architecture, Requirements, and the Technical Steering Committee). Anyone can join any of them at any time. They are all fairly low-traffic now so please feel free to join them if you have any interest in the domain and get conversations started. And if you're on those projects or committees, please use these lists as your systems of record. We have now transitioned the Requirements and Fabric planning conference calls to these lists.

We recommend that everyone involved in the project in any way subscribe to the overall community list, "hyperledger-discuss@...". We stop short of auto-subscribing everyone there, since that would be rude, but that's where important conversations that affect broadly how we work as a community should be conducted.

(Note there is also "hyperledger-technical-discuss@...", which we may want to consider deprecating as too potentially overlapping/confusing with the broader community list and the per-project dev lists, though we'll keep the archives around.)

Mailman isn't the best mailing list manager out there, but there's been a real dearth of alternatives. However we are interested in exploring them, including potentially Discourse. Let's have that conversation over on hyperledger-discuss@.... We can also discuss alternatives to Slack at the same time.



Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director at the Hyperledger Project
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