[Hyperledger Project TSC] Agenda for April 21, 2016

Todd Benzies <tbenzies@...>

  • Action Item Review (Chris Ferris)
    • LF Tooling meeting (Todd)
    • Technical F2F update (Todd)
    • Dave to finalize wording of whitepaper to get in from of Board to review
    • Patrick to setup Sawtooth Lake repo
    • Chris to start discussion on exit criteria
  • Updates
    • Requirements WG (Patrick Holmes)
    • Architecture WG (Ram Jagadeesan)
    • Whitepaper WG (Dave Voell)
    • Identity Subgroup (Chris Allen)
    • CI WG (Chris Ferris)
  • Discussion re: Tamas' request for repo
  • Discuss exit criteria
  • TSC Representation Policy

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