[Hyperledger Capital Markets SIG] Capital Markets Special Interest Group: Roadmap for 2022


Hello Maria,

Thanks for the note.
They have been cancelled  (today's call was actually rescheduled). If you put them into the calendar yourself, there is no way(at least that I know of) to add or subtract them from individual calendars...Let me know if you have found a method...

Here are the calendar announcements that went out last week (Jan 6th). The first one is for the reschedule to every four weeks for APAC region, the second one is a new staggered invitation for every four weeks for US/Europe region. The SIG meets every two weeks, once every 4 weeks in APAC time (10pm EST Wednesday which works out to 11 am Thursday in Hong Kong) and once every 4 weeks in US/Europe time zone (10 am EST Wed).
Please be patient as we work through the rescheduling of our meeting.
Please attend this evening's call (10 pm EST- which is 11 am Thursday in Hong Kong)

Vipin Bharathan
Digital Transformation Consultant
Financial Services (Blockchain, ML, Design Thinking)

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Hello Vipin,

I think you have to cancel the invites from last year. They probably are recurring and they appear on our calendar. Several of us just joined the zoom just to realize that you weren't there.

Angel Alban <aalban@...>

Vipin - first, wishing you a Happy New Year and continued success!!!

Thank you for your leadership and guidance.  It is exciting to see the progress made in 2021 and the upcoming new APAC sessions.  

Blockchain is the future, and soon we will all be living in a blockchain world.  

Angel Alban 
Mortgage Subgroup Co-Chair 

On Thu, Jan 6, 2022 at 9:35 AM VIPIN BHARATHAN <vip@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

Last year has seen  growth and interest in Blockchain Inspired Technologies. As the first use case of Blockchain started with a payment solution, Capital Markets have been front and center of the Blockchain journey.  The Hyperledger Capital Markets Special Interest Group is the venue at the intersection of Hyperledger projects and Capital Markets.

  1. One of the first Central Bank Digital Currencies to hit production (DXCD)- The first meeting of 2021
  2. Automation of Capital Markets - The last meeting of 2021
  3. Regulated Assets on Polymesh (a public permissioned ledger)
  4. Institutional use of AMM technology (from Bancor)
  5. The creation of a Mortgage sub-group who will convene at a different time than the main CMSIG meeting. First meeting at noon EST on Jan 13th.
  6. An Insurance subgroup was created in 2020, this sub-group has been quite silent, we will soon have a public reveal of the action there, including an ILS token.
  7. We have resources in the form of our project outputs including a Capital markets taxonomy. We have contributed this to groups like IWA who are standardizing Debt Capital Markets.
As Hyperledger is a global organization and as the APAC (Asia Pacific) region is home to some of the most innovative action in the Blockchain space; there was a call to create a schedule that accommodates APAC. Accordingly, the first meeting of the new year will happen at an APAC friendly time on January 12 at 10 pm EST - 11 AM HK, 8:30 am Indian Standard Time (IST).
The first Europe/US call will be on the 26th of Jan (which coincides with Republic day in India) at the Usual Time of 10 am EST. Adjustment in the calendars will reflect this. APAC calls may move further to accommodate the far-flung regions of the timezone better. A set of collaborators in the APAC region have been identified by Julian Gordon.

Currently we will alternate calls between US/Europe and APAC on our usual bi-weekly Wednesday schedule (the timing on APAC Wednesdays will be at 10 pm EST) and US/Europe Wednesdays at 10 am EST. I have made changes to the schedule already.

The first meeting in APAC on the 12th will feature an introduction to the CMSIG, in the form of a conversation between Julian Gordon (APAC Manager Hyperledger) and Vipin Bharathan (HLCMSIG Chair) with a healthy Q&A to follow.
  1. What is the Capital Market SIG?
  2. Why should one get involved?
  3. What are the areas of interest?
  4. Proposed topics?
  5. Deliverables and Roadmap? 
  6. Q&A

Given below are suggested topics for 2022...Most of these deal with the changes that are afoot in the Finance world.
  1. CBDCs as payment rails (for Capital Markets and otherwise)
  2. Token Standards for Capital Market tokens....
  3. Settlement - Liquidity considerations in an automated world.
  4. DeFi into Financial Infrastructure
    1. Regulation of DeFi 
    2. Pricing and Risk management of DeFi
  1. Custody of Digital Assets
  2. Breaking Silos (Identity, Tokens, Payments) and capital markets
  3. Interoperability (Chain and otherwise)
  4. NFT and Capital Markets
    1. NIFTY proposal to build opensource solution in Hyperledger labs: https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/CP/NIFTY
    2. NFTs <--> FTs.
Obviously this list is not graven in stone. Please respond (via email, wiki page etc.)- your suggestions are welcome.


Vipin Bharathan
Digital Transformation Consultant
Financial Services (Blockchain, ML, Design Thinking)

Kind regards,

Angel Alban
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