Hyperledger Mentee Project Presentation - November 15th and 17th, 10-11:30am Eastern

Min Yu

Dear all,

15 of the Hyperledger mentees participating in this year's mentorship program will be presenting on their work next week. Come join the sessions (details below) and hear directly from them their accomplishments, learnings, and reflections on the journey of becoming a Hyperledger contributor.
Monday, November 15th, 10-11:30am Eastern 
  1. Blockchain Integration for Climate Emissions Data with Fabric and Cactus: Pritam Singh
  2. Declarative workload behavior definition for Hyperledger Caliper, Aastha Bist
  3. Hyperledger Fabric - Hyperledger Aries Integration to support Fabric as Blockchain ledger, Harsh Multani
  4. Implement cross chain contract invocation using 'ServiceMesh' way, Shritesh Jamulkar
  5. Implement two compiler passes for the Solang Solidity Compiler, Lucas Steuernagel
  6. Support Clique for Besu on HL Labs BAF, Roshan Raut 
  7. Support Decentralized Governance for Smart Contracts in Fabric Python SDK, Qiwen Chen (Kiv Chen)
Wednesday, November 17th,  10-11:30am Eastern
  1. Extend secure DID Registry for Hyperledger frameworks on Github/Gitlab, Wei Yao
  2. Documentation and Use Cases for Climate Action, Dounia Marbouh
  3. Extend HL Iroha queries with optional arguments, Piotr Pawłowski
  4. Implement Client Side Security for Climate SIG Fabric Application, Bertrand Rioux
  5. Operate Blockchain Network in an Efficient Way, Yuanmao Zhu
  6. The Giving Chain, Hardik Gupta
  7. The Use of NLP and DLT to Enable the Digitalization of Telecom Roaming Agreements, Santiago Figueroa Lorenzo
  8. Visualization and Analysis of Cross-chain Transactions, Iulia Mihaiu

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