Hyperledger Project Proposal: Hyperledger Lab YUI

Motoki Yoshida @Datachain, Hyperledger Lab YUI

Hello TSC members,

I’m Motoki from Datachain, Inc., the initial committer of Hyperledger Lab YUI.

We’re considering creating a Hyperledger Project Proposal to spread YUI more to the Hyperledger community and the developers worldwide. As you might know, YUI is an interoperability project. Therefore, YUI must have unique features that existing projects such as Cactus do not have.

As I have summarised the primary points that distinguish YUI from other projects below, could you please review them and give us any feedback?

Once we confirm there is a possibility of being approved as a Hyperledger project, we will begin writing the whole proposal.

The uniqueness of YUI is:
- There is a messaging layer, which is separate from functions and apps, in accordance with IBC.
- It can be connected to the Cosmos ecosystem.
- You can create a functional layer on top of the messaging layer; for example, a general-purpose cross-chain framework like the Cross Framework can be implemented.

Moreover, with YUI, any enterprise blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Besu can be connected to other public blockchains such as Ethereum. It allows any assets on enterprise blockchains and stable tokens (e.g., USDC) to be exchanged simultaneously. This example is helpful for DVP settlements between any assets and digital currencies.

Therefore, YUI is one of the solutions to achieve interoperability; however, there is a great difference between the existing Hyperledger projects and YUI.

Learn more on the doc: https://github.com/hyperledger-labs/yui-docs


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Motoki Yoshida(吉田 基紀)

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Kuhrt, Tracy A.

Hi, Motoki.

You might be interested in the project incubation entry considerations. The TSC put together these guidelines for people who are considering bringing their projects to Hyperledger. It would be great to understand what conversations that you have had with the Hyperledger Cactus community. Can you point the TSC to any communications that you have had?