TF vs WG

Christopher Ferris <chrisfer@...>

I could not get a word in edgewise on the call... I think I was double muted but dialed in via phone and in the car so could not unmute.
I was FOR all the motions, FWIW.
That said, on the subject of WGs and work products. I actually think that a WG that wants to deliver a work product SHOULD request creation of a Task Force with all of the same requirements - description of the work item and time frame. That way we keep things logically distinct. I also think that we should end the WG quarterly report READOUT on the TSC call unless the WG wants to self-terminate or name a new chair.
The second point I wanted to make was regarding the calendar realignment. How are maintainers etc supposed to have a view for what other calls they might be stepping on if getting a global view of the calendar is so complex (need to set up some special google calendar to accept the feed). Maybe I misunderstood the discussion, but it seems like a gap.

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